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A new studio slave is tested for his fitness by Miss Jane. Before he can come back for more videos he has to pass this test to Miss Jane's satisfaction. Jane decides for Trampling. The slave has to fight a lot under the weight of her heels and the spines, but he bravely endures this painful procedure. Jane is satisfied for the time being and allows his further use as a studio slave.

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Young Mistresses play with slaves. Best Femdom clips with the most beautiful ladies and Mistresses. They educate slaves to mindless beings. They XXX and trample with high heels, sneakers and boots. They can be their dirty boots, shoe soles, feet and socks lick clean. They spit on her Pigs. Money slaves are exploited mercilessly. and slaves tongues have always something to do.

Our Femdom movies are ready for paid download in HD quality for private use. Each Scat Video, Femdom movie, each Ballbusting movie, Trampling clip, Femdom clip and all Shit Femdom Pee Femdom clips were produced with probably the best Mistresses, dominant ladies and dominant girls. All Femdom Princess are realistic and have a very sadistic disposition. Lady Chantal is not only in front of the camera a sadistic, dominant mistress, she tortures her slave in the private sector according to the rules of slavery. Each Sub, each slave Pig, pig and each number is being raised by their leadership at the right slave. Who will not obey to be abused painfully.
This contains various kinds, such as trampling, ballbusting, cbt, cock and ball XXX, stomping, spitting, whipping, faceslapping, Facebusting, face trampling, branding, nipple XXX and many other female games.

In these Femdom Game also fellow mistresses and Scatladys as Miss Jane, Miss Cherie, Mis Atrax, Miss Medina, Lady Prinzzess, Lady Ginger, Sweet Baby, Baby, Miss Alya, Lady Deluxe, Lady Shayla, Lady Light, Lady Elaisa, Lady Divina, support Miss Jordan Star, Blady and many other mistresses. Whether a slave likes Spitting Femdom and cruching or hard femdom and brutal trampling with high heels, depends on himself. Sometimes he serves as a spittoon or human floor, sometimes as human toilet, or as money slave. Also in the Girls School you can find several scenes where our ladies shit as a school girl in her slaves mouth or they just trample or use him as an ashtray. There are movies where men are enslaved and XXX in an apartment.
In other films, the slaves must serve their mistresses as a human toilet. A Fetish Movie has to be realistic and always requires an act in our fetish movies you'll find only real Mistresses, real fetishists who do not play their fetish, but in real life also live their passions. Maybe you want to experience even a time how it is when you stand in front of beautiful Lady, needles through your nipples, your penis or your balls when you lick her boots clean, or allowed to smell her socks. Then apply yourself using our Application form on one of our websites www.scat-movie-world.com, www.dangerous-girls.com, www.caviar-femdom-girls.com or www.femdomtornado.com find.
Also sneaker fetish, feet worship, boot worship, heeltrampling, barefoot trampling, Pee Games, Scat games, bondage, stomping, spitting, worship, niples, ballbusting, cbt, ball crush, cock crush and lots of other Femdomspiele you can live for free in our experience you must submit all application and after commitment come up to to Berlin / Germany.
Even a few words of Lady Chantal:

The slavery with all its beautiful facets with which one can make male livestock useful, I am into since many years. I like to use the sub, to stuff tampons in his mouth, to see his eyes in fear and to cry when I hold his balls in my hand and slowly squeeze. I want the full submission, a sub has to worship me and to fulfill any wish or command and execute it unconditionally. Measures to punishment as anal treatment, XXX feeding, hospital games, flogged, tie off, cock XXX and kicks give me a sense of power and superiority. It is so bad, when a slavepig does not accept his fate, but I love it to punish him for this and torment him a bit. A slave mouth learns with me fully and completely sacrifice, he has to swallow things and eat his submissiveness and humility as the proof. This dirteaters are filled for example with piss, shit, vomit, spit, semen and other secretions. Lick services must my body slaves do, my toilet is licked clean regularly. My pussy or my ass against it may only be licked by my slave husband. Smaller breeds who have to earn my favor only start at the bottom. They serve me first as money slaves, later as a shoe and boot licker. I like it when a tongue cleans my totally filthy soles of my street shoes. Whether I was thus in the barn or on the training field.
Sometimes I step deliberately in excretions from polluted streets and so on everywhere. In nightclubs on the ladies toilets there it is always particularly dirty, this whole Siff I always let lick the masochists away the most tend to be on pain, so these worms then get my Sadistic vein to feel. Any groove to my shoe soles is usually still a bit dirty, so I will punish him according to your heart's content for it. Exploited is at the end of each Loser, some people get to feel the numerous humiliations, make a pay a tribute of driving him to his ruin.
In my videos you see my repertiore to fetishes that I am constantly applying, including wax play, wet look, tickling, strap-on, spanking, sock jobs, sock fetish, sneaker fetish, smother, smoking, shoe jobs, shoe fetish, shitting, scat, riding, pony play, pet play, peeing, pee pissing, nylons, orgasm control, leather fetish, licking, latex, facesitting, dirty games, XXX, handjob, hand fetish, hair fetish, foot fetish, foot worship , footjobs, foot cockold, foot domination, foot crush, fisting, financial domination, farting, electric play, dirty feet, dildos, cumshots, cum eating, bondage, bdsm, ball fetish, asshole fetish, ass worship, ass licking, toilet slavery, kv, ns scat, pee and, vibrator, verbal XXX and many others with whom I can show wannabe slaves where they belong.