5650_p.jpg 5651_p.jpg 5654_p.jpg 5655_p.jpg 5652_p.jpg 5653_p.jpg

Meanwhile the slave has accepted his new home in the barn and is visited by three ladies. Miss Jane, Mistress Chantal and Sweetbaby do bad things to the slave. He is beaten, trampled, spitted on and doused with cold water. He is XXX to put his head into XXX XXX and roll in the mud, he must clean the dirty barnboots with his tongue and eat some fresh XXX XXX. Afterwards he is taken to the house and must clean the muddy boots of the ladies. This is a must see movie - absolute XXX of a slave.

17021_p.jpg 16995_p.jpg 16990_p.jpg 16994_p.jpg 16993_p.jpg 17016_p.jpg

Today our class slave gets a cone into his mouth, so Chantal, Sweetbaby, Jane and Jordan Star can use him as a cuspidor. All the spittle is hard to swallow for the slave...

17199_p.jpg 17198_p.jpg 17201_p.jpg 17200_p.jpg 17202_p.jpg 17197_p.jpg

A guy that was defenseless chained in the Studio, was enjoying a harmless session with Miss Jane and Lady Chantal. He wanted to get spit and easy blows. Its taboos should be Ballbusting and hard kicks. But he has not reckoned with the merciless girls who took advantage of his helpless situation mercilessly. His free-XXX balls were now the target of fierce kicks. The girls strike harder and harder. Ballbusting without mercy, until the guy slumped down after bestial pain. Than the ladies stopped with laughing.

5465_p.jpg 5468_p.jpg 5466_p.jpg 5471_p.jpg 5470_p.jpg 5467_p.jpg

A new worker slave is cleaned with the waterhose and then put into the barn. His meals in the future are shown to him - Lady Chantal commands him to eat XXX droppings. Then she shows him how to clean the dirty barn boots from the ladies with his tongue, tramples him and spits at him. This was his first day as worker slave. Next time he is checked out further and he will have to eat more XXX XXX and dirt. Have also a look at scat-movie-world.com - there will the next part show up.

16750_p.jpg 16752_p.jpg 16754_p.jpg 16751_p.jpg 16753_p.jpg 16749_p.jpg

A slave takes his place with a cone in his mouth to be fed by Mady Chantal, Jordan Star and Miss Jane. The girls have much fun in making his menu as disgusting as possible. They spit into the cone, put dogfood, raw eggs and adulterated yoghurt into it and push it fast and deep into his throat. The slave is stuffed up while the girls laugh at him.

19208_p.jpg 19205_p.jpg 19207_p.jpg 19206_p.jpg 19209_p.jpg 19210_p.jpg

A face is wanted by the girls to take. One of their slaves has to provide his face for today. All three hit his face as hard as they can countless times - he gets no break. The girls take turns and stop only when they are completely exhausted. A mad XXX for the slave skull!

18156_p.jpg 18161_p.jpg 18159_p.jpg 18158_p.jpg 18160_p.jpg 18157_p.jpg

While the three girls are on a rainy day on a dirty bus stop, their personal shoe cleaner is at the door and - as always - waiting for his mistresses to clean their shoes. Eventually, this door opens and the three run just as a matter of course by his face as if it were only a doormat. They fully flatten his nose, as all three compete one with full weight on it. His dirty face is now used as a washcloth, Lady Chantal commands to lick her dirty shoe soles clean, while the girls spit in his dirty face. Then they trample on his skull and spit on him.

18893_p.jpg 18887_p.jpg 18890_p.jpg 18888_p.jpg 18889_p.jpg 18892_p.jpg

The girls are standing at a bus stop and talk, while spitting on the sidewalk. After a while, a proper spit skein between Lady Chantal, Miss Jane and Miss Cherie forms. Jane likes it to step with her leather boots in the skein, while the sticky spittle mixes with the road grime. Just right for a hardworking slaves tongue - do the girls think - and decide which one of their slaves is advised to suck the nasty goop from the soles of their boots. The slave has no choice and must lick directly from the boot sole. Again and again they spit on the boot, kick and verbally abuse their victim, as he is desperately trying to cleanse the profile with his tongue.

5525_p.jpg 5523_p.jpg 5521_p.jpg 5520_p.jpg 5522_p.jpg 5524_p.jpg

Sweetbaby wanted a slave, who can take a bit more of kicking in his face and body. Kicking his mouth was real fun for Sweetbaby and she told him not to be girlish when he screamed in pain. She stands with her full weight on his face and pounds on his hands. Afterwards she tells that it was good for keeping in shape. The slave will have pain for some days after that, but never mind... ;)

19594_p.jpg 19596_p.jpg 19598_p.jpg 19593_p.jpg 19595_p.jpg 19597_p.jpg

Look at how two young pretty girls compel their victims to eat fast food mixed with dirt and snot which they trample under their Nike Air Max and Converse sneakers. While one girl stuffs the mud with her dirty shoes into his mouth, the other Jumps around on his stomach. He shall eat lots of dirt! He is fully spit at and trampled. The girls like to see him suffering and lying XXX at their feet. A very nasty feeding with a lot of dirt and snot.