With a purchase of 3-5 movies you get 10% discount
With a purchase of 6-8 movies you get 15% discount
And now the best deal:
From a purchase of 9 movies you get a whopping 25% discount!

The discount will be deducted from the original price during the payment
process, when you pay at our payment service provider. So at the
provider you will see the reduced price.

The offer is valid only for a short time and is only valid for the
particular purchase.
Various purchase transactions can not be summed or combined. Who
repeatedly buys one or two films cannot take benefit from the discount

To take advantage of the discount system put at least three movies in
the shopping cart, then 10% will be deducted from the purchase price, at
least 6 movies 15% will be deducted, and from at least 9 movies on you
get 25% discount.

This offer applies to the following websites:
www.dangerous-girls.com www.scat-movie-world.com
www.femdomtornado.com and www.caviar-femdom-girls.com
Other places where the corresponding films
are sold are not affected by the discount promotion.

You can also take your shopping cart to each other of our websites. For
example, you may put in the cart on the website www.dangerous-girls.com
different movies, then you click on the button at left "Scat Movies".
Then you change to the website www.scat-movie-world.com. Your films will
be preserved in the cart, you can find more movies and put them
additionally into your shopping cart. When you're done and have at least
three films in the cart, you can pay all together in one payment
transaction, the discount is automatically deducted from you original
purchase price.
The same works for www.femdomtornado.com and www.caviar-femdom-girls.com

Combine your purchase on our websites and save up to 25%.

Have fun!