21138_p.jpg 21139_p.jpg 21137_p.jpg 21136_p.jpg 21140_p.jpg 21135_p.jpg

The male participants are of course responsible for the Maso part. The girls choose who they are tormenting, who is called must submit. Trampling, spitting, ballbusting, shoe cleaning.

20911_p.jpg 20912_p.jpg 20913_p.jpg 20910_p.jpg 20914_p.jpg 20909_p.jpg

It's the first time a slave's XXX is relaxed, nothing easier than that. The loser is fixed and has the electrodes directly on his genitals. Now I can sit back with Jane chilled and give the slaves one electroshock after the other. The device stands naturally on full achievement so that the painful pain draws it by each vein and each nerve. The little one begs that we should stop, but there he has cut himself, instead I put in permanent current and let him suffer even more until he collapses and probably hardly notices anything more. Unfortunately, our little amusing game round with him is over. But he will still pay for it because he remains attached to the cross and the device stays on while we leave him alone and drive home. The batteries should last 12 hours, I had replaced them before the session *Smile*.

20874_p.jpg 20878_p.jpg 20879_p.jpg 20875_p.jpg 20873_p.jpg 20876_p.jpg

This time we have again real desire in XXX a slaves cock. Lady Chantal has already provided us with a suitable object for this at our request in her studio. When we arrived, he was tied up and in the testicle pillory and we started right away to offend us against him. But we don't want to give too much away, so see for yourself and suffer with him!

20782_p.jpg 20777_p.jpg 20779_p.jpg 20781_p.jpg 20780_p.jpg 20776_p.jpg

Well, bad luck if you decide to lay your eggs in the hands of Lady Chantal and Lady Domi, you are defenceless and have to pass through this session. The girls kick between his spread legs which he can't cross over or otherwise turn to protect his balls. Chantal takes his eggs in his hand, twists the bag and boxes several times with his fist on it, then with the lead hammer and another hammer. She asks him to thank her and a song sinks, because he cannot sing because he can't sing because of pain. Domi meanwhile provides him with kicks of her spiky boots, both girls have a lot of fun to XXX him and use his mouth as a spittoon. His ass is first worked with the XXX and then even with the chain XXX. All in all a session of a special kind, nothing for wimps!

20689_p.jpg 20690_p.jpg 20692_p.jpg 20691_p.jpg 20693_p.jpg 20694_p.jpg

Domi wanted to go through a funny fullpower XXX session for quite some time and I really appreciate your help with this huge piece of fat. I XXX his fat ass with full power, then Domi replaces me and gives me full throttle. Together we have brought down the huge Fleischberg, the loser can rest after this session, but it was such fun for us that he will soon be the goal of our whips again.

20700_p.jpg 20697_p.jpg 20701_p.jpg 20698_p.jpg 20699_p.jpg 20696_p.jpg

Jane punishes a slave who secretly clandestinely got away without permission. He is fixed and gets needles stabbed into his genitals. The motherfucker is supposed to learn in a painful way what happens if he is not obedient.

20677_p.jpg 20672_p.jpg 20673_p.jpg 20675_p.jpg 20674_p.jpg 20676_p.jpg

The message was similar to the one from a friend of mine who put a tied up victim in the studio. He must be pretty pissed at the guy if he bothered to drag him into the studio. Anyway, for me, Miss Jane and Lady Domi, the asshole comes in handy. The guy deserves it and we have our fun, in addition we get the VIP floor in the club to celebrate for this small favor. The loser had traces of our shoes and whips all over the carcasses after we had finished with him, he will probably feel his balls for a while. After the session is before the session, at the end we throw the scumbag into the cell and he gets the announcement that he may be my toilet next, but more about it in another video that you can see on my website scat-movie-world.com soon. Lady Chantal

20309_p.jpg 20308_p.jpg 20306_p.jpg 20305_p.jpg 20310_p.jpg 20307_p.jpg

Imagine you are at the mercy of two brutal girls, who will bind your balls and fix you helpless. You want to know what happens then? Then watch this clip! Chantal and Domi XXX him without mercy, with full XXX they strike with various bats and even a tenderizer into his balls. How to make a whisper *smile*.

20541_p.jpg 20542_p.jpg 20543_p.jpg 20539_p.jpg 20538_p.jpg 20540_p.jpg

So the slave dog wants to be called itself, an object with which we can do what we want. First I got to know him in the studio with spreader bars attached to the winch. XXX out there like that is the first ordeal he gets to experience with me. A little later I feel like XXX him a little bit, together with Jane we have some fun with his carcass. First we beat up his defenceless balls, which are dangling from him without any protection. Then we stab his cock with needles and then leave him again alone in his uncomfortable position with his closed pisshole. How long I leave it there without him pissing can hang I have not yet decided.

20527_p.jpg 20523_p.jpg 20524_p.jpg 20528_p.jpg 20526_p.jpg 20525_p.jpg

Woe if you stare at your mistress on the ass that this is a huge mistake, a slave had to learn cruelly. Lady Chantal and Miss Jane have no mercy, they beat his ass and even his scrotum with whips, whips, cane and various other percussion instruments. As his ass stains in different colors, swells and shows various wounds the slave pleads for mercy but Chantal and Jane have just become warm. Even the chain XXX is used and the girls don't care about the fact that he has swelling wounds, they continue to beat him and make him suffer badly. He's supposed to remember that for life, and he'll probably never stare at a woman's butt again.

20460_p.jpg 20459_p.jpg 20458_p.jpg 20456_p.jpg 20461_p.jpg 20462_p.jpg

After my girlfriend Miss Jane called me to tell me about her trouble with her boyfriend, I prepared a little surprise for her. In the stable I show her a slave whom I have fixed so that she can react to his balls to her heart's content. Her rage is deep, so she uses all toys such as lead chains, lead hammer and so on to smash them into his tied eggs. Together we let the slave suffer hard and talk about her anger and about shopping. I guess it helped, her mood improved immediately and we went shopping after the video.

20531_p.jpg 20534_p.jpg 20536_p.jpg 20530_p.jpg 20533_p.jpg 20535_p.jpg

His balls and face are defencelessly at the mercy of the girls, and the two of them exploit this brutally. They brutally slap him in the face, boxing, whipping and kicking his balls until he almost twists his eyes. So that the full XXX of her strokes can be felt to the maximum, a lady takes his balls firmly in her hand, holds them tightly and bounces to the other lady who strikes them violently. Completely finished the slave is taken from the cross and trampled briefly with high heels.

20315_p.jpg 20312_p.jpg 20313_p.jpg 20317_p.jpg 20316_p.jpg 20314_p.jpg

Never place your balls in the hands of a true sadist who will use your helpless situation with utmost pleasure. Just like you can see in this clip. Lady Chantal holds his balls with one hand in the firm grip, the other forms them to the fist and strikes with full XXX. Again and again her joy increases from beat to beat. Then he gets her sneakers between his legs and lies at the end under her feet. She tramples on her victim and then calls him a wimp.

20329_p.jpg 20330_p.jpg 20332_p.jpg 20328_p.jpg 20331_p.jpg 20327_p.jpg

It's hard enough to have a session with Lady Domi or Lady Chantal. But whoever dares to enjoy both at the same time will quickly regret it, especially if there is no taboo about cbt or the intensity of targeted whips. A whipping, ballbusting, spitting, cbt clip, where the two girls have their fun again.

20229_p.jpg 20231_p.jpg 20228_p.jpg 20227_p.jpg 20226_p.jpg 20230_p.jpg

Lady Chantal takes the balls of the fixed slave and squeezes them until he suffers. Elaysa gives him a pair of blows with the XXX. Then he has to lie down at her feet and is stomped with very high heels. Both ladies stand with full weight on the heels and let their living carpet suffer painfully.

19884_p.jpg 19880_p.jpg 19881_p.jpg 19883_p.jpg 19879_p.jpg 19882_p.jpg

Today we caught a slave who did nothing wrong, he had only the bad luck that Lady Chantal would want to torment him for fun. He was prepared for her by her crew, he is fixed and can do nothing but hope for the grace of his mistress. Cbt, spitting, nipple XXX, whipping

19708_p.jpg 19711_p.jpg 19712_p.jpg 19710_p.jpg 19707_p.jpg 19709_p.jpg

Miss Jane and Lady Chantal educate one of their labor slaves, he gets the full hardness of the two to feel. Most of the time they work his balls, with full XXX kicking and boxing both ladies hit him again and again.

19803_p.jpg 19804_p.jpg 19805_p.jpg 19800_p.jpg 19802_p.jpg 19801_p.jpg

Among the heels of Chantal many slaves had to suffer agony and pain. If she does not like a slave, she can lick her dirty soles first, then this slave also feels like it feels, if two girls ram their heels into his body. He must not move, he can not scream, he has to accept that the girls can do with him what they want. When his nipples have to bear the full load of the heels, he can no longer suppress his pain. Chantal and Jane punish his balls for his misconduct. Both girls beat his balls violently, without mercy they XXX their victims, laughing at them and forbid him any rescue. Merciless balltorture, trampling and dirty boot worship.

19796_p.jpg 19795_p.jpg 19793_p.jpg 19798_p.jpg 19794_p.jpg 19797_p.jpg

To become a slave is not a hard thing, but to be a slave is! One can educate these farm animals slowly and patiently to a humble and obedient pig, or choose the hard method and make him submissive in the shortest possible time. My newest slave tells me that he wants to serve me, but he does not want any pain, no disgusting food, he does not want to be spat at all, and not at all on his face or about his mouth .... blah blah blah. Of course, my little one, you imagine that. We fixed the little loser and then chewed food beautifully muddy and crushed it with street shoes on the ground. The little guy did not want to eat his crap. Since we have no desire to train the loser for weeks, we have accelerated this somewhat. A pair of electrodes on the balls and a some electric hits later on he was ready to eat the pre-chewed and battered mud. Well please go *laugh*. He thought now that his agony would end there, in fact we then also went away and he stayed alone, fixed to the cross, but Jane did not remove the electrodes and the remote control is set to full power in intervals. This was probably a bad night for the little guy, but no matter ... so he at least learned something *smile*. Lady Chantal

19744_p.jpg 19747_p.jpg 19742_p.jpg 19746_p.jpg 19743_p.jpg 19745_p.jpg

His genitals are at the feet of the girls, the slave is completely fixed, he can only watch as Miss Jane and Lady Chantal brutally hit his balls. The girls did not have any mercy, they tormented their screaming victim with lots of pleasure. Again and again the full weight of a lady weighs on his balls