21111_p.jpg 21110_p.jpg 21109_p.jpg 21108_p.jpg 21105_p.jpg 21106_p.jpg

The two Girlys Jane and Chantal spit on dirty riding boots and amuse themselves about it that still some stable dirt sticks to the boots. Because her slave must lick away every drop of snot immediately while cleaning the boots. In gratitude, he gets a parr kick in the face.

19065_p.jpg 19066_p.jpg 19063_p.jpg 19061_p.jpg 19062_p.jpg 19064_p.jpg

The title says it all. Lady Chantal and Sweet Baby tell a slave that his face is only good for getting trampled. With pitiless contempt, and joy, both love to see, how the slaves skull changes if you kick it repeatedly. That will not happen without a trace on their shoes - because now something from his face sticks on the shoes, what he has to lick off immediately. He is spitted at, spit on the ground must also be licked up, before he himself becomes a part of the floor. Also during the subsequent trampling the girls stand with their full weight on his heavily bruised face.

18144_p.jpg 18145_p.jpg 18147_p.jpg 18146_p.jpg 18142_p.jpg 18143_p.jpg

A slave learns to know the soles of Miss Cherie and Lady Chantal from below. Both stand in the middle of his face again and again. He may get little air from the profile of the soles, because the ladies are with full weight on his nose. His entire body serves as a carpet, also his balls and his cock. Chantal kicks several times between his legs, and both squeeze his balls with their shoes. His balls have to endure ballbusting with punches while his face must serve as a carpet and spittoon.

17693_p.jpg 17688_p.jpg 17692_p.jpg 17689_p.jpg 17691_p.jpg 17687_p.jpg

Too stupid to lick the boots? This can not be liked by Sweetbaby and Miss Cherie. They beat their victim repeatedly in the face and trample the suffering slave with their ​​high heels and boots brutally. His nipples, torso and back are thereby drawn from marks, but the ladies don't worry. They want him to suffer badly.

17703_p.jpg 17702_p.jpg 17705_p.jpg 17700_p.jpg 17701_p.jpg 17704_p.jpg

The two girls send a slave to get shopping money for them. When he comes back with no money, the two let their out anger out on him. With their Nike Air Max sneakers they trample brutally around on him. Chantal strikes again hard in his face, so he screams in pain. Sweet baby is also not squeamish, it looks, as if he were only a small worm that is trodden under their shoes.

17570_p.jpg 17568_p.jpg 17572_p.jpg 17571_p.jpg 17567_p.jpg 17569_p.jpg

Miss Cherie and Sweet Baby want to do some sports. For their exercises they use their living carpet. To trample on his face around the two find particularly funny. Again and again they stand with full weight on his head.

17269_p.jpg 17295_p.jpg 17276_p.jpg 17292_p.jpg 17288_p.jpg 17281_p.jpg

Miss Jane, Lady Chantal and Sweetbaby sit homely in the living room when there was a knock and a courier driver delivered a package. Unfortunately, the content was wrong and the girls take it out at the messenger. He was just kicked to the ground. His helmet, which he had on, was kicked like a football. The girls jumped repeatedly around on him. His cell phone was trampled, just as his body. Everywhere he got to feel violent kicks. His face was abused as a seat cushion and to stand on him. Altogether a pretty hard trampling session that you simply must have seen!

17118_p.jpg 17122_p.jpg 17121_p.jpg 17117_p.jpg 17119_p.jpg 17120_p.jpg

A slave is trained. His body and especially his nose is trampled flat barefoot by Lady Chantal, Sweet Baby and Miss Jane. Alternately, the girls sat on his face, taking his breath away and make again and again with full weight on his nose. (nosestanding, facestanding, facetrampling,facesitting)

16406_p.jpg 16409_p.jpg 16410_p.jpg 16407_p.jpg 16405_p.jpg 16408_p.jpg

A useless slave feels the full brutality of four girls. His head is used as a punchingball and football. The girls beat him with their fists and kick him with their shoes. The slave is a disused livestock.

16288_p.jpg 16289_p.jpg 16290_p.jpg 16294_p.jpg 16293_p.jpg 16292_p.jpg

Three mistresses (Sweetbaby, Chantal, Miss Jane) come home and let the slave lick the dirt from the soles of their high heels and boots. He receives heavy face slaps and is spit on. All three ladies spit in his mouth. They chew a cake and then give him the pulp to eat...

15889_p.jpg 15887_p.jpg 15888_p.jpg 15886_p.jpg 15891_p.jpg 15890_p.jpg

Sweetbaby wanted a slave, who can take a bit more of kicking in his face and body. Kicking his mouth was real fun for Sweetbaby and she told him not to be girlish when he screamed in pain. She stands with her full weight on his face and pounds on his hands. Afterwards she tells that it was good for keeping in shape. The slave will have pain for some days after that, but never mind... ;)

15596_p.jpg 15594_p.jpg 15595_p.jpg

And on we go with our massive sadistic session. The victim is finished up and scared and his body has multiple marks and injuries - but now he is put over the edge. He is whipped with the chain-XXX, is kicked in his face and is trampled more with the spiky high heels. The more the slave has to suffer, the more fun it is to the ladies. And the ladies just want fun...

15489_p.jpg 15486_p.jpg 15484_p.jpg 15482_p.jpg

Part 1 of a very hard and sadistic movie, where Medina and Chantal finish a slave up. In the beginning he told, he will suffer everything and never screams… So the ladies increase their brutality without mercy. It does not take long, until the slave is pushed to his limits, but the ladies do not mind. They go on and on… After part 1 his body looked as if he had a serious accident, but after that there came part two… (“Medina and Chantal – extreme brutal Part 2”) Facebusting, facetrampling, spitting, whipping, pure sadistic.

5535_p.jpg 5539_p.jpg 5538_p.jpg 5536_p.jpg 5541_p.jpg 5540_p.jpg

Just for fun Chantal, Sweetbaby and Miss Jane kick the slaves mouth with their boots and shoes. They laugh and kick him harder and harder. All three ladies spit on him and continue kicking.

5523_p.jpg 5520_p.jpg 5524_p.jpg 5522_p.jpg 5525_p.jpg 5521_p.jpg

Sweetbaby wanted a slave, who can take a bit more of kicking in his face and body. Kicking his mouth was real fun for Sweetbaby and she told him not to be girlish when he screamed in pain. She stands with her full weight on his face and pounds on his hands. Afterwards she tells that it was good for keeping in shape. The slave will have pain for some days after that, but never mind... ;)

15423_p.jpg 15419_p.jpg 15422_p.jpg

Lady Chantal, Miss Atrax and Lady Elisa abuse the slave really bad with beats and kicks on his head. Lady Chantal tortures him with a cigarette in his face.

5484_p.jpg 5485_p.jpg 5488_p.jpg 5489_p.jpg 5483_p.jpg 5490_p.jpg

Out of boredum Lady Chantal uses the time and tortures one of her slaves. She writes different tortures on little notices and lets the slave take one after the other. There is nothing to win for the slave in this lottery, only the fun of Lady Chantal counts. Have a look at the pain the slave has to suffer for the joy of his mistress.

5161_p.jpg 5166_p.jpg 5162_p.jpg 5165_p.jpg 5163_p.jpg 5164_p.jpg

Divina, Chantal and Elaisa kick her victim in his face, stub out their cigarettes on his face and tongue. All three ladies handle him like crap and just want one thing... He must suffer!

5310_p.jpg 5307_p.jpg 5309_p.jpg 5308_p.jpg 5311_p.jpg

The ladies talk inside their loft about the interior works. A worker is accidentally caught relaxing and must feel the rage of the ladies real hard.

5060_p.jpg 5064_p.jpg 5063_p.jpg 5061_p.jpg 5065_p.jpg 5062_p.jpg

Divina, Chantal and Elaisa XXX their victim. First he must clean the shoes of all three ladies with his tongue, then they take all their forces and beat his head. He gets laughed at and spitted on. When the victim is lying on the ground he is trampled with the spiky heels of the ladies. The ladies stand on the the heels only to cause horrible pain to the victim. Faceslapping, trampling, spitting, bootworship