20755_p.jpg 20752_p.jpg 20753_p.jpg 20754_p.jpg 20757_p.jpg 20756_p.jpg

A slave of Miss Jane and Lady Chantal was allowed to find out how one feels like a carpet on which no consideration is taken. Both girls trample on him, no matter if hands. Heads or genitals, the girls don't care what they crush. He is just a somewhat noisy carpet that has to suffer everything and also serves as a snot.

20521_p.jpg 20520_p.jpg 20517_p.jpg 20516_p.jpg 20518_p.jpg 20519_p.jpg

There he lies now, defencelessly trapped in the facebox, trapped in the girls' feet. Chantal and Jane use his face as a spittoon and to clean their dirty sneaker soles. Both of them stomp on his skull and wipe their soles on his tongue which he has to stick out. Chantal does it exactly as if there was only a scrubbing cloth there, brutally rubbing it with the profile over his tongue. He is constantly getting spit in the mouth and Jane gets her totally dirty soles even clean again. The doormat works very well, it also has to withstand the whole weight of the girls who put themselves on top of it for a long time. His skin then perfectly reflects the jagged pattern of the Superstars soles. The print is so deep, it was seen for hours. He had barely been able to breathe underneath her soles, but the girls didn't care about that at all, they just stood in his face and ignored his complaints.

20322_p.jpg 20323_p.jpg 20325_p.jpg 20321_p.jpg 20320_p.jpg 20324_p.jpg

Elaysa jumps on her slave and tells him that she is now playing a game called "Lava". The rule is simple; she must not touch the floor while the game is played. So she jumps, stomps and runs around on her slave carpet. The profile of her Nikes digs beautifully into his skin. She steps on his cock steps with her full weight into his face where she is first standing around and then lets the slave also lick her shoe soles clean. After this, his hands are buried under her stomping soles. Nike Air Max Trampling with Lady Elaysa

20024_p.jpg 20020_p.jpg 20019_p.jpg 20022_p.jpg 20021_p.jpg 20025_p.jpg

A loser is left to three DG girls. Miss Jane, Lady Elaysa and Lady Chantal beat him in his face, jump and trample on him. His body is violently kicked all around, the slaves skull has to bear the full weight of Miss Jane while she stands on it with her Nike Air Max. (Trampling, spitting, facelapping, facetrampling)

19738_p.jpg 19740_p.jpg 19736_p.jpg 19737_p.jpg 19739_p.jpg 19741_p.jpg

Miss Jane has found a new victim for her nasty facetrampling game. His face is helplessly handed over to her coarse dirty couch boots. He whines and whimpers as she makes fun of stepping into his face. With full weight she puts on it, then he must even lick the dirt from the profile. Look at how her boots press into his face, also from the perspective of the victim. You can see her boots from below as if she's stepping directly into your face, you hear the slave cry in his agony.

19654_p.jpg 19653_p.jpg 19656_p.jpg 19657_p.jpg 19655_p.jpg 19652_p.jpg

Who does not dream of looking up to his lady from the perspective of a floor! As long as this is just a dream, this idea feels very pleasant, but in reality this can be quite dangerous. Especially if the lady is wearing rough boots and has no problem to treat the face as the rest of the floor. Miss Jane tramples very happy around on this helpless face.

19192_p.jpg 19193_p.jpg 19196_p.jpg 19195_p.jpg 19194_p.jpg 19191_p.jpg

Three girls XXX a face, that is fixed in the floor. The dirt in the profile of their Nike Air Max is wiped on his tongue, while the girls spit repeatedly in his mouth. Alongside his body is trampled and the girls stand with their full weight directly in his face. Chantal leaves a heavy mark on his forehead as she arises directly on it with her heel. His nose is blown away when her boots stand in the middle of it.

19065_p.jpg 19062_p.jpg 19061_p.jpg 19066_p.jpg 19063_p.jpg 19064_p.jpg

The title says it all. Lady Chantal and Sweet Baby tell a slave that his face is only good for getting trampled. With pitiless contempt, and joy, both love to see, how the slaves skull changes if you kick it repeatedly. That will not happen without a trace on their shoes - because now something from his face sticks on the shoes, what he has to lick off immediately. He is spitted at, spit on the ground must also be licked up, before he himself becomes a part of the floor. Also during the subsequent trampling the girls stand with their full weight on his heavily bruised face.

18955_p.jpg 18931_p.jpg 18933_p.jpg 18954_p.jpg 18953_p.jpg 18934_p.jpg

Miss Cherie got a detention after school. She must write on the blackboard that she may no longer kick men in the future. She is angry and has one of her slaves in the classroom. He must lay down before the board and serve his mistress than as carpet while she writes at the blackboard. She laughs maliciously while she writes: Well, that no man is below me. The slave is suffering under the weight, he whines and writhes while Cherie is mercilessly on him. Then she puts herself at his hands while rotating on the spot, his skull and whole body is kicked repeatedly. When he lies curled up and moaning, protecting his head, in front of her on the ground, she leaves him alone. Someone will find him, and no one will say that this slave worm is a man.

18937_p.jpg 18939_p.jpg 18938_p.jpg 18942_p.jpg 18952_p.jpg 18941_p.jpg

As Cherie, Jane and Chantal enter the classroom, they immediately notice, that one of her slaves secretly sneaked into the room. The slave now has to pay for his disobedience. The girls grab the Loser and XXX him to lick the dirty boot soles of Jane clean. They spit on the floor and make sure he swallows the dirt also down. Then he will be kicked to the ground and trampled. Cruel trampling - all three girls around on him, Chantal charged with her heels, make him suffer as much as possible. Jane turns with the rough profile of her boots back and forth sadistic, incredible that his skin does not rip, finally she stands with her full weight on him, no matter if her boots cause injuries. His skull is used as floor and see his hands under the rough soles. Cherie also does not show more compassion, her heels also burrow into his skin. The girls have real fun in crushing him like a worm, however, this is clearly seen!

18946_p.jpg 18948_p.jpg 18947_p.jpg 18950_p.jpg 18951_p.jpg 18944_p.jpg

A slave is in the girls' school, in the face he has the dirty boots with rough soles of Miss Jane. The girls use him as a footrest, while they wait for the next lesson. To pass the time they are playing xxo on the blackboard, their lively footrest has to lie now before the Panel and will be crushed without consideration. Chantal stands always with her full weight on her heels and does not care about the screams of the slave in pain. Miss Jane also shows no mercy, while playing at the table, even standing with full weight on the slaves skull to comfortably reach the top panel. Both girls trample him as if he were only a lifeless carpet.

18608_p.jpg 18610_p.jpg 18609_p.jpg 18605_p.jpg 18604_p.jpg 18607_p.jpg

After a slave at Lady Chantal has failed as a human toilet, he now gets a lesson. Three Dangerous Girls participate in it to teach this slave obedience. All three hit, kick and trample upon him without mercy his screams and his begging for mercy are ignored. Miss Jane turns on his head, as it would be only a worthless melon, Miss Cherie tramples and jumps on him as if he were just a doormat and Lady Chantal whips him additionally to the violent footsteps. The slave screams as loud as he can. Afterwards he is locked into the cell, where he is allowed to wait until one of the ladies needs him as a toilet. Whether this lesson has helped or not, can be seen in other films at www.scat-movie-world.com.

18146_p.jpg 18145_p.jpg 18147_p.jpg 18142_p.jpg 18144_p.jpg 18143_p.jpg

A slave learns to know the soles of Miss Cherie and Lady Chantal from below. Both stand in the middle of his face again and again. He may get little air from the profile of the soles, because the ladies are with full weight on his nose. His entire body serves as a carpet, also his balls and his cock. Chantal kicks several times between his legs, and both squeeze his balls with their shoes. His balls have to endure ballbusting with punches while his face must serve as a carpet and spittoon.

18156_p.jpg 18157_p.jpg 18159_p.jpg 18161_p.jpg 18158_p.jpg 18160_p.jpg

While the three girls are on a rainy day on a dirty bus stop, their personal shoe cleaner is at the door and - as always - waiting for his mistresses to clean their shoes. Eventually, this door opens and the three run just as a matter of course by his face as if it were only a doormat. They fully flatten his nose, as all three compete one with full weight on it. His dirty face is now used as a washcloth, Lady Chantal commands to lick her dirty shoe soles clean, while the girls spit in his dirty face. Then they trample on his skull and spit on him.

18154_p.jpg 18151_p.jpg 18149_p.jpg 18153_p.jpg 18150_p.jpg 18152_p.jpg

Jane and Chantal are visited by Santa Claus. He has no chance at the two bad girls. they XXX, kick and beat him until he is where he belongs .... at their feet. His face is buried in the rough profile of their Nike Air Max, while alternating with full weight on it just introduce yourself and trample it around. While Chantal is on his face he has to clean her dirty soles with his tongue. Simultaneously from above snot is dripping down, what he must also swallow. His body serves also as a carpet for the girls, his balls get a pair of kicks from them, until they just lock him in a cell until Christmas is over

18131_p.jpg 18128_p.jpg 18132_p.jpg 18129_p.jpg 18130_p.jpg 18133_p.jpg

Just XXX around in his face thought Jane and lights a cigarette while she is comfortable in the slaves face. Her full weight presses her sneaker soles painfully in his face, but Jane goes on smoking her cigarette until she gets off of his head. Then she tramples violently on the slave around, kicks again and again his balls and his cock and just runs down his face. His nose becomes completely flat each time, she steps on it.

17569_p.jpg 17568_p.jpg 17572_p.jpg 17570_p.jpg 17571_p.jpg 17567_p.jpg

Miss Cherie and Sweet Baby want to do some sports. For their exercises they use their living carpet. To trample on his face around the two find particularly funny. Again and again they stand with full weight on his head.

17559_p.jpg 17563_p.jpg 17560_p.jpg 17562_p.jpg 17561_p.jpg 17564_p.jpg

The house slave must clean according to instructions of the ladies. Subsequently, the three girls use him as living carpet. With her ​​bare feet she runs up and down on it. Especially often his face is thereby entered flat. Again and again are the ladies with full weight on his head.

17269_p.jpg 17288_p.jpg 17295_p.jpg 17276_p.jpg 17292_p.jpg 17281_p.jpg

Miss Jane, Lady Chantal and Sweetbaby sit homely in the living room when there was a knock and a courier driver delivered a package. Unfortunately, the content was wrong and the girls take it out at the messenger. He was just kicked to the ground. His helmet, which he had on, was kicked like a football. The girls jumped repeatedly around on him. His cell phone was trampled, just as his body. Everywhere he got to feel violent kicks. His face was abused as a seat cushion and to stand on him. Altogether a pretty hard trampling session that you simply must have seen!

17142_p.jpg 17138_p.jpg 17143_p.jpg 17139_p.jpg 17141_p.jpg 17140_p.jpg

Sweetbaby and Lady Chantal are particularly ruthless in this film. They stay with their boots just in his face, his nose is pressed completely flat.With full weight they put repeatedly on his flat nose and laughing while over his pain. His head is also used as a seat cushion.The girls on his face settled with their entire body weight.